As your company begins its growth journey, hiring the best sales leader can be the differentiator that sets the trajectory for breakout growth. Finding that Unicorn no longer happens by simply posting a job on LinkedIn that just isn’t enough anymore. The standout, results driven performers are certainly not actively looking; they’re being actively recruited.

When you partner with a specialist recruiter and tap into their book of talent, you automatically get exclusive access to these hard-to-reach candidates – the crème de la crème that can propel your sales team to new heights.

But before you embark on your search, it’s crucial to define exactly what your sales rockstar looks like:

– Laser-focused on customer solutions: A true sales leader understands that selling isn’t about pushing products; it’s about solving customers’ problems and delivering value.

– Tenacious and goal-crushing: Top performers thrive on the thrill of the chase and the satisfaction of smashing targets. They’re relentless in their pursuit of success.

– Relationship builders with robust networks: Strong relationships are the lifeblood of sales, and your sales leader should have an extensive network of contacts and the ability to forge deep connections.

– Brand ambassadors: Your sales leader should embody your brand and be a passionate advocate, representing your company with pride and authenticity.

Once you’ve set your vision of the ideal sales leader, now analyze your offering.

  • Is your role and compensation package compelling enough to attract the top 1% of performers?
  • Do your interview questions effectively reveal the hallmarks of high performance?
  • Are you effectively pitching your vision and the opportunity to candidates, painting a picture that will captivate them?

Today’s sales executives have options, and they expect compelling leadership, a vibrant culture, and uncapped commission potential. They want to make their mark by growing a category leader, not just another company.

By partnering with a specialist recruiter, you’ll get ahead of the 99% of companies that go it alone. Let’s connect and map out a strategy to recruit a game-changing sales leader for your next key hire – one who can unlock explosive growth and take your company to new heights.